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Fivepointville Ambulance is located in Brecknock Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We run about 600 calls a year with two ambulances and cover all of Brecknock Township, Terre Hill Borough and parts of East Earl Township, Ephrata Township, Earl Township, Caernarvon Township, Adamstown Borough and parts of Berks county on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

In 1960 a group of Community members went out and bought an old hearse that was fixed up and used to transport patients to the hospital. Our Charter Members were Leonard Weinhold, Melvin W. Weinhold, Paul H. Weinhold, Warren E. Martzell, Leroy H. Kochel, and Rufus Habecker, and Martin G. Weaver assisted them with the purchase of the first vehicle. The charter members ran the ambulance from the garage of one of the members. Since they were also part of the Fire Company we were then housed in the same building.

In 1966 Fivepointville Ambulance became incorporated as the Fivepointville Ambulance Service. In 1997 the ambulance service moved across the street to our current location. We are a non-profit organization with dedicated volunteers that are committed to serving our residence and visitors to our community.

The Fivepointville Ambulance was known as Ambulance 3-14. In April 2007 we changed our call sign to Ambulance 3-19. In 2007 we placed a second ambulance in service to try to keep up with the increasing call volume and our growing community. On July 8th 2007 Ambulance 3-19-2 ran it's first call.

On December 31, 2013 our station number was changed to Ambulance 36. This was changed to get ready for a new Lancaster County radio and CAD system.

On May 25, 2014 we officially moved into our new station. The journey for our building project began more than 6 years ago with the realization that the space we had was not nearly sufficient enough for our growing service. We now have room for increased training opportunities, bunk rooms for members to stay while staffing the trucks, garage area to house all 3 of our trucks, space to secure supplies, and space for our engineers and other officers to work as needed. All areas of the station will be used to maximize our abilities to continue to provide high quality care to our community. 

We currently have about 45 volunteers.


Our station address is:
1094 Dry Tavern Rd.
Denver, PA 17517

Our Phone # is: 717-445-5937

Our Fax # is: 717-445-9960


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