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EMT Bridge Class (update)

Fivepointville Ambulance hosted an EMT Bridge Course to allow PA Emergency Responders the opportunity to become EMT's.  The class ran from January through March, 2011.  There were fifteen people who finished the HACC certified class.  The state practical exam and written test are the only steps left to go until they all become state certified EMT providers.  Practicals are Friday, April 9th and the written exam is Thursday, April 14th.  Good Luck Everyone!

Thank you to the Fivepointville Fire Company for allowing us to use your facilities!


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2010 Members Appreciation Banquet

The Fivepointville Ambulance Associations annual Members Appreciation Banquet was held on March 19th, 2011 (interestingly the date was 3-19, the same as our station number).  The banquet is held every year to thank all the members who ran calls and served the association during the previous year.  The banquet was held at the Shady Maple Smorgasboard banquet facility.

Click the play button to watch the slideshow that was shown at the banquet.  Pictures are for events and calls that happened in 2010.


Accident with reported entrapment

At 1426 hrs on January 9, Ambulance 3-19-1 was dispatched along with Station 3-14 (Fivepointville), Rescue 1-3 (Denver) and Medic 4 (Ephrata Hospital) to the are of 1559 Dry Tavern Rd for an accident with reported entrapment. EMS Chief 3-19 (High) arrived first and found a one vehicle overturned with all occupants out and started patient care. Upon arrival of Ambulance 3-19-1 the patient was packaged and transported to a local hospital for evaluation.



December Training

Prior to the regular monthly meeting the members of the Fivepointville Ambulance continued with it's monthly training. This month we worked on putting patient's who have fallen and injured their back or neck on spine board and getting them out of a basement and down from an attic space. This was not a normal training and required our members to think outside the box and to problem solve as a team.



Summertime incident

Ambulance 3-19-1 was dispatched with ECH Medic 4 and Station 3-3 (Bowmansville), on August 30th, 2010 at 1030, for an infant in cardiac arrest.  When the crew arrived they quickly determined that it was necessary for the patient to go to the Hershey Medical Center for specialized care.  Pennstar 4 was dispatched and with the assistance of Station 3-3 they landed in a nearby field.  The crew and ECH Medic 4 assisted the flight crew and the patient was flown to Hershey.