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The Fivepointville Ambulance is proud to announce we have placed the LUCAS mechanical CPR device on both of our ambulances. The mechanical CPR device was approved for Basic Life Support on January 17 of this year. Since then, we have worked to purchase the devices, train our personnel, and been approved by our EMS region to use these devices. Not only do these provide added safety to our providers but have been shown to increase positive outcomes of patients who suffer sudden cardiac arrest. Hopefully these pieces of equipment see little use over the years, but we are trained and ready should the need arise.



On Friday evening, February 22, 2013 - Fivepointville Ambulance held their Annual Appreciation Banquet.

Volunteers and staff recognized EMS Chief David High who has been serving the Fivepointville Ambulance as Chief since 2002. In the past 10 years, David has dedicated many hours of service and leadership to the Fivepointville community and the Ambulance Association.  David's skills and expertise has provided the Fivepointville Ambulance Association the ability to provide quality care and support to those we serve.




Terre Hill Fire Company Chief Troy Weaver, Fivepointville Ambulance EMTs Jennifer Overholt and Don Ellis; , Ephrata Community Hospital Medic 4 medic Ronni Miller helped save the life of 14-month-old Roger Martin last month. (Photo by Carole Deck)
By CAROLE DECK, Correspondent

Memorial Day is a holiday to honor veterans, but for Dale and Mary Ann Martin it will be a day to celebrate the survival of their young son. The Terre Hill couple credit the fast response of Emergency Medical Services — and God — for the life-saving rescue of 14-month-old Roger.  

May 28 — Memorial Day — began like any other work day for the young Terre Hill couple. Dale went to his job in Clay, and Mary Ann worked in the garden while sons, Eric, 7, Jesse, 5, and Adam, 3, played outdoors in the sunny, warm weather.  

Mary Ann, busy pulling weeds, kept an eye on Roger who was happily playing in the sandbox.  She noticed that the boy had left the sandbox, and said she assumed he was playing with his siblings.  
When she checked with the boys, she learned Roger wasn't with them, nor was he in the garage or the house. Filled with panic, she ran to the fish pond Dale had installed a week earlier. 

"I ran there to find the unthinkable," Mary Ann said. "My baby floating and silent on the water."
Pulling the boy out of the water and looking at his bloated body and blue lips, Mary Ann said she could think of only one thing, death. She told her sons to call 911 and ran down the driveway where her screams caught the attention of Marcus Zimmerman riding by on his bicycle.

"The woman was yelling for someone to help her baby," Zimmerman. said. He sent her to call 911 as he worked to get the water out of the boy's lungs. 

Kevin Flick at Lancaster Countywide Communications received the call and dispatched emergency services. In less than three minutes, Terre Hill Fire Company's Quick Response Service was on the scene followed by Fivepointville Ambulance and Medic 4 from Ephrata Community Hospital.  

"Roger was unresponsive, not breathing," Chief Troy Weaver of Terre Hill Fire Company said. " We opened his airway, began rescue breathing and gave him oxygen." Jennifer Overholt, an emergency medical technician from Fivepointville Ambulance, said when the ambulance arrived Roger was crying. The EMTs assisted with giving him oxygen before Medic 4 arrived. "We provided advanced life support and cardiac monitoring plus assisted PennSTAR flight crew for the transport to Hershey Medical Center," medic Ronni Miller with Medic 4 said. 

The PennSTAR helicopter from Reading Regional Airport took the boy to Hershey Medical Center where he was admitted to the pediatric trauma unit and then pediatric intensive care. "Roger made an amazing turn around with no permanent damage as far as we can tell," Dale said. 

Terre Hill Fire Company held a picnic for the Martin family and the medical providers involved in the rescue.  "Providers rarely get closure after a rescue, so we decided to get everyone together to celebrate Roger's recovery," Weaver said. Overholt said that seeing the blue-eyed, blond-haired boy running around wearing a big smile reinforced why she's an EMT.  Miller agreed. "It's wonderful to see such a good outcome to a rescue," Miller said. 

When the fire company learned that the Martins had no medical insurance, they set up a fund to help pay the expenses. Dale acknowledged that they hadn't asked or expected financial help but it is appreciated.  "We have much gratitude for everyone who helped. There are no words to express how we feel," Dale said. "And we especially are thankful to God, who gave us Roger in the first place and decided we may keep him a little longer." 

Donations can be sent to Terre Hill Fire Company, Attn: Roger Martin Fund, P.O. Box 421, Terre Hill, PA 17581.



The members spent the day doing work around the station. 2 projects were completed. This first was yard work and removal of a tree that was blocking the view pulling out of the station causing a hazard. The second project was removing an old kitchen from a house next door and to recycle it as storage in our garage. Thank you to all that came out to make the day successful!


Route 625 & Spook Lane

At 2144 hrs Ambulance 3-19-2 was dispatched for a second call in our local along with Ambulance 3-7-2 (New Holland), Medics from Ephrata Hospital, Bowmansville Fire Company, and a Rescue from New Holland for an accident with entrapment on Rt 625 and Spook Lane in Brecknock Township. Ambulance 3-19-2 arrived and started patient care while the Fire Department was able to remove the patient from the vehicle. Two patients were transported to local hospital.